Yamaha Canada's Marketing team outlines their key takeaways from training with Dr Ajay Sirsi and the impact it's had on their roles within the organization.

"Ajay recently led a discussion with my company that focused on branding  beyond the product attributes. My colleagues and I have progressed from  students to clients because of Ajay’s unique ability to translate the theory of marketing strategy into practical examples.
Ajay has  effectively challenged our marketing department, in a non-threatening  manner, to re-evaluate how we strategically build brands as to better  differentiate ourselves from the competition and to generate customer loyalty.
Thank you Ajay! Looking forward to future collaborations!"

Rainer Jabs - Senior Brand Manager

Diabetes Alliance Boehringer Ingelheim

“The difference about Ajay is that he is always working on the strategy of the organization and the understanding of its customers to formulate all of the operating pieces of the business. Ajay made such a complicated issue so simple that in one day we were able to nail how we needed to segment our customers. Everyone in our organization aligned behind our strategy because the strategy made sense. This made it easy for me, as the Executive Chairman, to get everyone rallied behind a plan and what we needed to do, based on a deep understanding of our customers".

Paul Seed - Executive Chairman


"Ajay was retained by AIM Trimark Investments to help kick off an initiative to refine the way we understood and served our customers. Ajay gave a lecture on customer segmentation to a cross-functional group of senior managers and executives from client facing departments. Ajay clearly articulated the basics of customer segmentation to our group - a team with varied knowledge levels of marketing theory. His experience, subject knowledge and examples resonated with us that even two years later, I still hear references back to Ajay and what he taught us."

Ron Silverton - CMRP, AVP Research and Client Analytics
AIM Trimark Investments

"Ajay’s clairvoyant message enabled our department to transform our Sales organization. Ajay’s experience with world-class operators was instrumental in driving step change improvement in our operational results. Ajay showed us how a successful strategy is one that is communicated from the top down, with an emphasis on translating high level strategic imperatives into executable marketing and account plans."

David Sharma - Vice President, Partner Solutions,

"I have known and worked with Ajay for over six years. While Director of Marketing for Weldwood of Canada Inc., I was able to witness how effective his approach and framework are in getting Sales, Marketing and indeed other functional groups to work together to develop and implement actionable plans that deliver results, measured in terms of increased profits.

Ajay’s approach puts the focus squarely on the customer and follows a simple, yet powerful path as outlined in is most recent book. It’s simple to understand and execute. It focuses on the customer and creates a common goal, and most importantly, it works!"

Marcel Massie - President and CEO

Accuffective Marketing Inc.

"Ajay’s practical and engaging consulting delivers benefits and results in improved business performance.  He understands that sales and marketing are distinctly different disciplines and functions, their combination together provides the synergy and only means possible to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Craig Wilson - Director of Corporate Marketing

International Paper

"Ajay recently designed and facilitated an Employee Branding Workshop for our Global Human Resources Executive Committee, with representatives from around the globe. The workshop was a huge success; Ajay ensured the content was relevant and meaningful for all participants. As a consultant, Ajay is passionate on the subject of Marketing. His knowledge and consulting expertise is solid and convincing. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ajay on this project and would highly recommend him as a Marketing Consultant to other organizations."

Linda Shales - Vice President, Human Resources


"I found Ajay’s book “Marketing Led- Sales Driven’ indispensable in developing my department’s first marketing plan. He provides a straight forward and practical framework that aided me immensely."

Michael Ma - Business Process Analyst,
TSX Technologies