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Dr Ajay Sirsi is President & CEO of Mentor Solutions Group Inc. and is an award-winning professor at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. 

At the Schulich School of Business, Ajay is Director of the innovative Centre for Customer Centricity which teaches MBA students how Customer Centricity is a management philosophy that puts the customer at the centre of all decision making. Through the MBA and BBA programs Ajay teaches Strategic Market Planning, Marketing Management, Strategic Professional Selling, and Marketing Research. 

In the Executive Development Program Ajay teaches executive management classes in B2B Marketing, Branding, Marketing Management, Marketing Communications, Pricing Strategy, and Marketing Strategy and Sales Execution. 


Consulting & Training

Ajay has undertaken both consulting and training for FT Global 500 corporations in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan and Korea. 

Ajay provides consulting expertise in developing business and marketing strategy, sales execution, developing and implementing customer value, building brand identity/equity, building corporate brands, building differentiation strategies, pricing strategies, customer needs assessment, customer satisfaction and service quality, strategic planning for services, new product development, segmentation and product positioning, and sales training.  

Steve Butterworth, VP Yamaha Canada, discusses why he brought in Dr. Ajay Sirsi to train the marketing team, and the impact it had on the organization.

"Following Ajay’s methods took what would have been months of work and instead created something much more time efficient and practical to implement, creating a tremendous amount of leverage in our business. Ajay has the methodology to take qualitative research and qualitative thinking around your customers that can be easily used to develop a strategy and successfully implement it. When looking at the curve of our sales, we can see when we implemented and went out to the market with Ajay’s research that our growth trajectory changed."

Paul Seed - Executive Chairman



Ajay has written many books on Marketing Strategy including:

Customer Segmentation (will be published in 2020)

Marketing: A Roadmap To Success

A Manual for Instructors for Marketing A Roadmap to Success 

Marketing Led – Sales Driven: How Successful Businesses Use the Power of Marketing Plans and Sales Execution to Win in the Marketplace 

Marketing: Real People, Real Decisions

Ajay is also the author of many articles which have appeared in prominent academic and practitioner journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Canadian Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Health Care Marketing, the Journal of Hospital Marketing, the Journal of Professional Services Marketing, and Marketing magazine.  

He is a recipient of the prestigious Robert Ferber Award and the award for best article published in the Journal of Consumer Research.  Dr. Sirsi has also presented his work at numerous international conferences.

Marketing Led - Sales Driven, Dr Ajay Sirsi

Marketing Led - Sales Driven, Dr Ajay Sirsi

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